About the academy

Based on its awareness of the importance of training and the development of its human resources, The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)  started a training center for the employees of the institution in Jubail and Jeddah in 1982. Since then the process of training in the institution and the development of its resources began to keep pace with the latest methods, systems and training methodologies in the field of desalination industry, and the Giving and growth in this aspect has been going on for 40 years. All these years and efforts are followed by quality distinguished outcomes, that serves inside and outside the institution in the private and public sector.

In the year 2010-2011, the center began providing training services to employees of other sectors from outside the institution after the approval of the institution’s board of directors on the investment operation of the center, within the framework of the commercial transformation project for the center’s work, as it attracted many clients in the government and private sectors, from inside and outside the Kingdom.

In the year 2019, the name was changed from the training center to the “Saudi Water Academy”, and the visual identity was developed for it to open wider horizons of training, upgrade training services, spread globally and disseminate knowledge according to an ambitious vision aimed at enhancing the sustainability of water production. The academy aspires to provide an integrated educational and training experience. In line with the modern learning methodologies and techniques, which are compatible with the current targets, requirements and training needs of the labor market, with the aim of upgrading and taking care of the human resource and preparing it for the labor market as one of the most important goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.



Experienced trainer


Hall for lectures,
meetings and seminars


Laboratory and
training workshop


Theater with a capacity
of 700 people

Fully equipped housing
accommodating 240 trainees

Experienced trainer



Accreditation certificate
of the National Center for E-Learning



Accreditation certificate The International Association for continuing education & training 2020


European Institutional Excellence Certificate



Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award 



Accreditation certificate British curriculum


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